Why we like them:  The bloodline quality in our Marans is obvious by the deep chocolate eggs they lay!  Marans are selected with the goal of getting the darkest eggs possible. Which make sense, because even though they’re very nice, gentle birds, it’s the color of their eggs are the astonishing trait of the Marans.

No Preference:  The feather color will be our choice.  We have several colors that we raise.  You may get one of the colors shown or unique from photos shown as we are consistently working on improving the breed and developing new colors. This option is best if you have a hard time deciding between color choices or you want to save a significant amount of money on an amazing breed.

French Copper Marans are black with a Copper feathers surrounding their neck and have feathers on their feet. Wheaten Marans look similar to Salmon Faverolles and can be sexed by color once 2-3 weeks old. We also raise other colors of Marans such as lavender, blue, birchen, and cuckcoo.

Egg Color/ Frequency: Gifts 4-5 large dark chocolate brown eggs a week. Our Marans bloodlines are a combination of the finest bloodlines that over the years we have been fortunate enough to obtain. Our show quality Marans bloodlines include: Bev Davis, Wade Jean, Rodney Reeves, Ron Presley, Greenfire farms, Mashburn Marans (Winner of The Marans Chicken Club Dark Show and Peoples Choice Award in Newnan, GA February 17th 2018), and other devoted Marans professionals. The result is the finest Marans possible for egg color, personality, and show. The darkness of these eggs is remarkable.

Personality:  Their gentle temperaments and quiet demeanor makes them ideal for suburban backyard chicken keepers as they rarely bullied.

History:  The egg color produced by the Marans hen has to be a #4 on the chart or darker to even be recognized as a Maran. Often hatcheries fall short on delivery the dark chocolate color aficionados seek.  Anything in the 8 or 9 range is very rare. Hens are most likely to lay this color of egg in the beginning of their laying cycle and right after a molt. Then, the eggs will get lighter.



Age/Sex Selection
Feather Color
  • Most families are attracted to obtaining their chickens from us because we are completely different than the industry standards.  Industry standard is to sex as accurately as possible and sell as pullets (female chicks) and force customers to accept a >10% chance of an accidental rooster without the ability to accept returns nor refunds.  In addition, industry standard is to sell bantams (such as silkies) as straight runs only as vent sexing is not possible.  We offer multiple sexing options.  If you are not able to care for an accidental rooster our female coverage and DNA sexing options are a great value.

    We provide as much information on our website as possible to ensure families make an informed decision based on their situation and lifestyle.  Some breeds are more accurate in sexing and most families find our female coverage adequate in providing a free home for their accidental rooster ($50 savings) and issuing store credit in the amount of orginal purchased price.  While other breeds or families with strong emotional attachments  prefer to invest in DNA sexing.


    If you are lucky enough to have a rooster, our male sexing option is a great way to save money on a wonderful breed. 

    Female Chick Coverage
    Our female sexing coverage is designed for families that live within city ordinances that do not allow roosters or families wanting a free home for any accidental rooster. To qualify for rehoming, the rooster must be healthy. If the family decides to return the healthy rooster, a store credit in the amount of original purchase price is provided. As a family, you decide if you would rather return the healthy boy(s) for credit or if you have fallen in love with the boy(s) and prefer to keep him/them without credit.

    Depending on the breed, sexing accuracy can range as low as 50% (bantam breeds such as Silkies), 90% (standard breeds) and as high as 97% (auto sexing breeds). To learn more about how we sex baby chicks based on breed and how you can sex as they age, View: How to Sex Chickens

    Female sex covered chicks are eligible for our prorated life insurance.

    DNA Sexed Female Chicks
    For families that get emotionally bonded quickly and do not want to risk a future discovery of a rooster, we offer DNA sexing. DNA sexing is the only true accurate method of sexing baby chicks. You will receive laboratory results certifying 99.9% accuracy. DNA testing is a significantly higher financial investment. In most cases, it is 3x the cost as (1) female sex covered chick.

    Our DNA sexed option is offered as "Next Available" or as a pre-order. Once enough chicks hatch and are available, we submit multiple chicks for testing for each DNA female chick ordered. The laboratory results can take 1-2 weeks after sample submission.

    Time flexibility of order fulfillment is needed for this option. Once your order is ready, we communicate via text (to the number provided at checkout) that your order is ready for pick up. DNA sexed chicks need to be picked up or delivery arranged within 7 days of text. We are not able to extend free boarding. If exceeding 7 days, the original order will be forfeited. We are able to provide a store credit to allow reordering minus a $65 DNA testing fee.

    DNA Sexed Female chicks are eligible for our prorated life insurance.

    Balance accuracy with financial investment
    The sexing decision is one that needs to be made at time of purchased and the original order cannot be altered once the order is fulfilled. It is important as a family to determine the right balance between sexing accuracy and financial investment for your family’s situation.


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