This is a great way to meet your flock's needs automatically on the schedule you decide is best.  Available for your choice of curbside pick up,  meet locations, or home delivery. 


All packages include the following:

Gallon Bag of Mealworms ($20 Value)

Gallon Bag of Eating Herbs ($20 Value)

Gallon Bag of Nesting box herbs ($20 Value)

Gallon Bag of Dust Bath ($20 Value)

Gallon Bag of Grit ($20 Value) 

Gallon Bag of Oyster shells ($20 Value)


Select your feed preference:

$456 All Cereal:

240lbs of Chicken Cereal in (6) 40 pound bags ($336 Value) + $120 = $456 Total Value


$600 Half Cereal/ Half Sprouting Mix

200lbs of Chicken cereal and 250lbs of Sprouting mix packaged in (10) bags ($480 value) + $120 = $600 Total Value


$520 All Sprouting Mix

500lbs of Sprouting mix in (10) 50 pound bags ($400 Value) +$120= $520 Total Value

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Large Flock - Food & Herb Lovers

Sprouting Mix / Chicken Cereal Ratio

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