The process takes 3 weeks for chicken eggs and 3 weeks for duck/turkey eggs to hatch. We can hatch as little as 6 eggs up to 90 eggs a week. 


We only accept eggs that have been collected from clean nest boxes.  To limit the risk of bacterial growth in our incubator, dirty eggs are not accepted.  We will not accept eggs inwhich the shells are translucent or contain hairline fractures.  These eggs typically do no provide a viable hatch rate and can explode during the incubation process; damaging near by eggs.

To ensure you get the best hatch rate, we can candle the eggs after the first 7 days to determine if the eggs are developing. If some of your eggs were not fertile or are not developing. You may choose to discard bad eggs and replace for $.50 each (note pick up will be a week later for the newly incubated eggs). 

Hatch Rates vary based on the quality of your hatching eggs. Typically, eggs that have been sent in the mail have a 50% hatch rate (depending on the seller). Eggs also loose viability as they age. It is recommended to incubate eggs within 3 days of hatching and no longer than 7 days. Ensuring their is enough Roosters per hen will also impact fertility.

Once hatched we will offer the newborns our organic chick cereal and clean water and appropriate heat in our professional brooder. You will have up to 1 week from expected hatch date to pick up your chicks to avoid additional boarding fees. If you would like to rent or purchase one of our professional brooders to maintain the same quality of care when you bring them home, let us know.

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