This is a great way to meet your flock's needs automatically on the schedule you decide is best.

Available for your choice of curbside pick up, shipping, meet locations, or home delivery. Can be shipped anywhere in Colorado, by selecting shipping 50lbs at checkout.


40lbs Sprouting Mix   (Additional 10lbs free (50lbs total) for families that pick up from the farm or from a meet location) Mealworms, Herbs, Nesting box herbs, Dust Bath,  and Oyster Shells.

It is important to ferment or sprout the feed to allow the the chickens to digest all the nutrients.

A monthly subscription provides enough feed up to  8 flock members if feremented, or  up to 12 members if sprouted.

A weekly subscription provides enough feed up to 32 flock members if feremented, or up to 48 flock members if sprouted.



Special note about shipping: While there is not a limit on the quantity ordered for curbside pick up nor home delivery/ meet locations, to qualify for the selection of shipping only a quantity of (1) can be entered per order. You are welcome to place multiple subscriptions to have shipped to a Colorado address on multiple orders. Only order shipping if you are providing a Colorado ship to address at checkout.

Flock Sprouting Mix & Care

Price Options
Have <10 Birds
Subscribe & Save 21%
$58.46monthly/ auto-renew
Have 11- 40 Birds
Subscribe & Save 25%
$55.50weekly/ auto-renew
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Strasburg, CO 80136, USA

Text 303-359-9484 to arrange Strasburg, CO curbside order pick up

We do not ship live animals.

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