If you are considering boarding, please read the following requirements:

1. Provide a proof of vet check. Your puppy must have a complete vet health check within a week of boarding to ensure our animals remain healthy and are not exposed to any illness or diseases.

2. Your dog must obey basic commands such as "sit" and "stay".  The dog can not show any agression towards our family nor our pets.

3. Your dog must respect a chainlink fence and not be known for digging, climbing, or eating out of fencing.

4. Accept terms of conditions and agree to liability waiver.



Dog Boarding Service

Length of Boarding Service
  • During this period the dog will be provided shelter, food, and water.  If  the Dog Owner does not pick up said dog before the scheduled time and date, a late charge of  $20 per day extended will be due at time of pick up. If the said dog is  not picked up within 10 days upon contract expiration, the dog will be considered abandoned and Dog Owner agrees to assign ownership to Property Owner.


    Property Owner agrees to maintain ample and appropriate animal fencing. Property Owner will make all reasonable efforts to contain animal(s) in fencing, however, is not responsible if Dog Owner animal(s) escapes. Dog Owner may inspect fencing and animals at reasonable times. With permission, Dog Owner may make modifications to ensure animal(s) are safely contained. Property Owner must contact Dog Owner at phone number provided in the event that an animal escapes, is harmed, or death occurs within 24 hours.


    Emergency Medical Care:  If, in Property Owner’s judgment, your dog requires immediate medical care and we are unable to reach you, we will take your dog to a veterinarian or animal hospital.  You agree to be solely responsible for the payment of all medical bills for your dog and you release Property Owners from any and all responsibility for, or claims, damages, debts, arising out of or related to such medical care, including, but not limited to, transportation to/from the veterinary clinic and choice of veterinarian and animal hospital.


    Property owner reserves the right to immediately change your dog’s type of boarding if believed necessary to protect the health and well-being of your dog, other dogs, property, or people.  

    All dogs must be healthy, and current on all vaccinations.

     There are certain risks involved in dog boarding, including but not limited to dog fights, dog bites to humans or other dogs, and the transmission of disease. Any medical expenses will be my responsibility and I release Property Owner of any charges.


    The house brand of dog food is grain free, Simply Right Exceed Grain Free Dog Food, Salmon & Pea Recipe for adult dogs and Salmon Taste of the Wild Puppy food. Changing a dog’s food can cause upset stomach, dog owner is  welcomed to bring their dog’s food from home.  Owners are welcome to bring their dog’s own bedding or toys if desired, however we cannot guarantee that they will be returned in the same condition. 


     Dog owner releases Property Owner from any and all manner of damages, claims, loss, liabilities, costs or expenses, causes of actions or suits, whatsoever in law or equity, (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and related costs) arising out of or related to the services provided by Property owner. 




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