Lazyboy brand couch



  • Place your deposit and pay for delivery online and remainder is due in Cash at pick up or upon delivery.  Delivery service offered is to drive the item to your street address. You are responsible for unloading.  If you provide a free/safe parking space, we often able to happily assist in helping you carry to desired location.

    Ensuring product is a perfect fit:

    We strongly encourage to view the product in person to make sure it is a perfect fit.  An in person viewing is not required, however, deposit and delivery service is non-refundable if you change your mind about finalizing purchase.  If selecting to pick up your product,  the deposit holds the reservation for up to 10 days.  After 10 days, the deposit is forfeited and the item is no longer held for you.

    ​Delivery Service:

    Select delivery service if you want delivered.  Then, at check out deselect shipping and select local pick up. WE DO NOT OFFER SHIPPING ON ANY  ITEMS THAT REQUIRE DEPOSIT AND NOT FULL PURCHASE.


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