Coronation Sussex

Age/Sex Selection (Rare Breed)
  • Why we like this breed: Enticing heaven sent looks. Their grace, friendly nature is enhanced with their cold hardy grit. Their long and distinguished family background combined with kid friendly nature make them a perfect choice for novice chicken keepers. These girls are not just for looks. The hens are prolific brown egg layers. Coronation Sussex chickens make a brilliant addition to any backyard flock.

    Feathers: The Coronation Sussex has a dazzling lavender main and tail against an angel soft white body.  While not accepted yet  by the APA.  The  British standard poultry uses the term “blue” instead of lavender.  The original version was derived from blue and not lavender which produced off spring of black, blue and splash. 

    The lavender gene can cause a ratty feather look after just a couple generations.  To correct, they are mated back to black, then back to lavender.  This fixes the feathers for a couple more generations.  It is intense dedication to keep the Coronation Sussex to maintain its ideal appearance in their offspring.

    Color/ Frequency:  Gifts 5-6 extra large eggs a week.

    Personality: They are appreciated for their gentle, inquisitive, calm and kid-friendly disposition - qualities that make them wonderful backyard pets. The Sussex chicken is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surroundings. They are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces.

    History: The Coronation Sussex was created in England for King George.  It was presented to the king on his coronation.   By  the end of the Second World War,  the Coronation Sussex  fell from existence.  The Bantam size was recreated in 1980.  The standard version is ultra-rare in the United States. Roosters weigh in at approximately 9lbs, and hens at approximately 7lbs. 


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