• Feather Colors:

    If you desire a hen that your neighbors envy, the regal rein of this large lady  will commands everyone’s eye.  Our Rooster, Boss is  considered favorite to all that visit our farm.


    Blue Partridge Brahmas have a dramatic visual presence. The plumage color is the based on genetics.  A dominate blue gene impacts black only and has little effect on red.

    Gold x Blue = 50% Gold / 50% Blue

    Gold x Splash = 100% Blue

    Blue x Blue = 25% Gold, 50% Blue ,25% Splash


    Egg Color/ Freqency:

    Gifts 4-5 large brown eggs a week



    Gentle giants!


    Breed History:

    The Brahma is an ideal chicken for northern climates such as Colorado.  Thanks to it’s peacomb, down, and tight feathering, it’s known as the least susceptible chicken to cold and frostbite.


    Brahmas are considered a superior winter-layer, producing  a high rate of eggs between October to May.  Hens naturally go broody in the summer if you want to hatch out some of your own baby chicks.   It is important that they keep dry  and are able to  walk on well-drained soils. Part of caring for her and any feather legged chicken is to inspect her feathered feet to prevent leg mites.


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