Typical waitlist time ranges between 3-6 months.

By placing an order, you are reserving a puppy of your selected choice of male, female, or no sex preference. At checkout you can select to have us deliver a puppy or pick up from our farm. Please make sure your email and text accepting phone number is up to date at checkout. The deposit amount can flucuate based on the sex option you select. In addition to the deposit, $400 in cash is due at time of pick up. If you are willing to comply with strict social distancing requirements, we offer the ability to pet and play with the puppies. Reserve a Pet & Play Session. If being able to pick out your exact puppy from the litter is important, the earlier you select to pick up your reserved puppy the more puppies matching your sex preference will be available to choose from. We offer limited scheduled slots if you want to upgrade to VIP Play & Pick and option of Early Pick Up . If you select "no sex preference", we will let you know the day of pick up which sex is left to pick from. By default, we offer free curbside pick up of whichever puppy is left matching your reserved sex perference on the Sunday once 8 weeks old. Families can simply text the name on their order to 303-359-9484 when ready to come out on Sunday. No need for an exact appointment with our curbside order pick up option. Regardless of your pick up or delivery day, you will be guaranteed the sex of the puppy you reserved.
Current expected waittime is 3 months with a maximum wait of 6 months.
AKC Registration Options The puppies parents are purebreed and fully registered by AKC. While this low cost adoption price does not include registration, you may add AKC Pedigree, AKC Limited or AKC Full as an upgrade option for your puppy within 6 months of adoption. We understand that unexpected family circumstances may prevent picking up your puppy from the current litter. Should this occur, your deposit can be applied to a future litter. A deposit is your family's commitment to adopt a puppy and our commitment to provide a puppy. There are no refunds, so make sure you are confident in your decision to add one of our puppies to your family.

Black Labrador Puppy Deposit (Next Available)

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  • Click here to learn more about our dogs, genetic health screenings, proper rearing and weaning.

  • We offer free support via texting. Simply text all your questions to 303-359-9484,  we will respond as time permits.

    If you prefer to talk over the phone, schedule a  puppy consultation for 30 minutes of  dedicated time with us.

    If your family prefers to visit the puppies, schedule a pet & play session


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