This is a great way to meet your flock's needs automatically on the schedule you decide is best.

Each subscription includes the following care items: herbs, nesting box herbs, dust bath, mealworms, and oyster shells.


Leadtime from Order to Fulfillment

The initial start up order averages 2-3 weeks to fulfill.


Request a customized invoice

If you prefer a quarterly schedule versus weekly or monthly, desire a more customized subscription, want your order shipped, delivered to a meet location, or interested in home delivery services.  The average USPS shipping cost to Colorado is about $30 per 50# box.  Delivery is $1.50 per loaded mile from the farm. Simply text us at 303-359-9484 or schedule a flock consultation.  


Flock Feed and Care with Organic Layer

Scratch & Peck Organic Layer
Serenity Sprouts Sprouting Mix
Size of Care Items
Price Options
One-time purchase
Save >10%
$22.50monthly/ auto-renew
Save >15%
$21.25weekly/ auto-renew
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Strasburg, CO 80136, USA

Text 303-359-9484 to arrange Strasburg, CO curbside order pick up

We do not ship live animals.

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