55 Flowery Hen

  • Feather Colors:

    Chicks are autosexing at hatch meaning that you can immediately tell the females from the males. All females have a dark brown squirrel coloration and males are lighter with a white dot on their heads. Perfect for families that don't want to get emotionally attatched to later discover their chick ends up being a rooster.


    Egg Color/ Freqency:

    Gifts 4-5 Enourmously Large White eggs a week



    They are an active breed that does well in cold climates.


    Breed History:

    Fifty Five Flowery Hens were another creation by Father Martin Silverudd.  The Fifty Fives were actually the first breed invented by Silverudd.  Fifty Fives deliver on the goals of an auto-sexing chicken that produces eggs for the table in commercial quantities. Using different varieties of leghorns he was able to create a breed inwhich the rooster looks very different than the hen from the day it hatches.

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