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Bulk Discount Sprouting Mix ( Ferment , Sprout , Fodder)

PriceFrom $237.50
  • The cost of organic feed often limits most of us from affording to do what is right. By simply adding water and a little time, you can increase the nutritional value of the seeds and grains and increase the yield and ease wallet pain. Reading a few organic feed labels makes it a lot less desirable to me. Not to mention the smell of commercial pellets organic or not, is enough for me to avoid offering it as food.  I like being able to see each and every ingredient and have confidence in exactly what they are eating as my family consumes the eggs from our chickens.

    Chicken scratch has split corn and other various broken seeds and hulls that are not designed to sprout. If you try to ferment, sprout, or fodder commercial feed you will most likely end up with mold.

    Dry grains and seeds fed dry only allow 20% of the protein to be absorbed. Decide to ferment, sprouts, or grow fodder and the nutrients are more available for digestion. All seeds and grains have a preservation coating which allows the seeds to endure harsh conditions. Nature designed the coating to protect stored proteins, fats, and minerals until germination and growth. In fact, seeds can pass through a digestive system and are still able to grow into healthy plants.

    This same protective coating consists of anti-nutrients that can lead to nutrient deficiencies in essential minerals when consumed. They primarily block calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. The anti-nutrients include enzyme inhibitors, difficult to digest proteins, phytic acid, and tannins. Eliminate the natural coating and unleash all the nutrients for your poultry to digest through fermenting, sprouting, or growing fodder. This will increase minerals, enzymatic activity, omego 3’s, B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, lysine (essential amino acid), digestibility of the protein to 80%, and stimulate the immune system.

    Mice are attracted to the traditional dry feed pellets that are kept out at night. Instead give 1/3lb of sprouts per hen in the morning and they will eat it all by night time. Grow mint around the coop to deter mice as well.


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