Our pork shares offer a way to feed delicious pork to your family in which the quality is simply unavailable in any supermarket. Pricing includes, boarding, feeding, transportation to the butcher, specialized cuts, curing/smoking, packaging, and upto a week freezer storage for your share.


Harvesting on January28th 2021

1/2 Hog Share - You Select your cuts!

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  • How does Pork Shares work?

    We raise and board the hog and provide all the care it needs.  We handle the transportation to the butcher as well as picking up the finished product.  This allows you to pick up locally from our farm.  Several families enjoy visiting our pigs in action and seeing our other farm animals.


    The normal time from order to pick up is about 2 months.   Once your order is placed, we will arrange a time for the butcher to process the pig and once dropped off it takes 2-3 weeks to process and cure.


    How much Pork is in a share?

    A 250lb live weight hog yields approximately an 180lb dressed carcass.  A dressed carcass weight is after all organs, hair, blood, and other inedible products are removed during slaughter. Once chilled and cut into retail cuts, 20% of the weight is lost to bone dust, fat trimming, boning, grinding, and moisture.  On average, a 250lb live hog yields 144lbs of retail cuts.  This includes  3lbs of Feet, 5lb Head, 23lbs Back Fat, 3lb Jowl.   This leaves about 110lbs of high quality retail cuts per Hog which is split between shares.

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